Bedroom: Ideas for furniture and décor

To a lot of people, their bedroom is the personal and reserved part of their house. It is that area in a home where a minimal number of people are allowed free entry. It is that one room where a homeowner can unwind and can reveal his or her real self without fear of being discovered or judged.

A lot of homeowners concentrate their money and decorating skills on making their living room, dining, lounge, study, and any other place – except the bedroom, to look exquisite and welcoming. To me, every part of the room should be beautiful, but care and time should be concentrated in the bedroom. This is because it is the inner chamber of a home and the primary sleeping place in a house.

Have you ever thought of using mudcloth pillow covers to bring a homely look to your bedroom? Mudcloth pillow covers are made with dark colors which always blend perfectly with the white colors that bedrooms are usually known to have.

Your bedroom should be a perfect mix of style and comfort. Therefore, if you need a bedroom makeover or you need to decorate your new bedroom, this article will give you the best ideas you need for that job.

Before I start, I will like to remind you that as the primary place for sleeping, your bedroom should be void of any distracting or simulating material. This is to say that your bedroom should not have a television, a computer – for internet-related activities, and any other work-related items.

Let us now look at some bedroom decorating ideas.

Three bedroom decorating ideas for you.

  • Use the white color: have you ever wondered why all – or rather most – hotel rooms are painted white, or why the bed sheets used in those rooms are white? Painting a room white, especially a bedroom, and using white-colored linen makes the room look bigger and brighter. Not only that, but it also makes the bedroom look orderly and not jam-packed. White paint is a common and inexpensive paint color, so why not use it to achieve an organized look for your bedroom. In contrast to what people think, an all-white bedroom doesn’t give off a static and lifeless expression. Or maybe it does, but then that is why curtains, throw pillows and blankets, rugs and all other furniture should be in any color but white.
  • Corner bed: most people place their beds at the center of their bedrooms. For a change, you can decide to push your bed to a corner of your bedroom wall. First, it maximizes space, and for snuggle lovers, it gives a cozy feeling. You should try it out
  • Hollywood look: the difference between a regular bedroom and a bedroom that looks straight from the movies is just the architecture. This is not to say that you have to employ the most expensive home decorator to give your bedroom that kind of exquisite look, you can achieve it yourself. Remember the white paint color and white bed sheet I recommended earlier? Well, what about adding a chandelier to the touch. Does it sound too overboard? It shouldn’t, so long as you keep the furniture in your room to a minimum, adding a chandelier will only improve its look. After all, most decorators have revealed that good lighting is the secret to a mind-blowing output.

In conclusion, the important secrets of successfully decorating a bedroom are to make it predominantly white, have very few furniture, and above all, make it to suit your taste. Remember, your comfort matters above every other thing.