Is WhatsApp HIPAA Compliant?

In the age of smartphones, where everything has been digitalized, new and fresh technology has disrupted the way we do things usually. Even something as simple and as basic as text messaging has been somewhat replaced and altered with the introduction of new applications like WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a platform where messaging is possible and enables its users to share other media and links like photos, videos, gifs, etc. directly and easily. Other than that, WhatsApp is the one application that provides HIPAA secure texting for everyone.

What is HIPAA Compliance?

HIPAA is an abbreviation or short form of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and was introduced in the first place keeping in mind the security and confidentiality of the user’s or patient’s privacy because many times previously, sensitive and confidential information ended up in the hands of people who were not required to access it in the first place. According to the HIPAA, companies that are directly responsible for dealing with patient health information (PHI) must have a dedicated physical network, and also other external and internal security measures that should be followed religiously to make sure that the patient feels safe and secure when it comes to sharing of such sensitive information.

What is HIPAA secure texting?

HIPAA secure texting is a feature that is now enabled online and in mobile applications like WhatsApp as well. This allows the users to communicate with their healthcare professionals via text messaging or via chat with the assurity that their information will not be shared by anyone at all. HIPAA compliant chatting is the feature that allows people to communicate freely without any tension or hassle that their information might end up in the wrong hands. HIPAA compliant texting feature was very much needed as many instances quoted to suggest that the information was getting into the wrong personnel’s hands previously, who ended up misusing the information. The best thing about HIPAA secure texting and chatting is that like other new technologies, this too, is convenient, user-friendly, transparent, quick, efficient as well as empowering and also gives a sense of security and safety which is perhaps the most important thing keeping in mind the patient-doctor privilege. This feature also enables the healthcare staff to remain free of any charges that the patients might put through.

What is the advantage of HIPAA secure texting?

HIPAA secure texting basically is a feature that allows users of the application to feel safe and secure since this feature makes sure that the content of the message chat and the other media that is being shared between the individuals or groups remains secure and confidential and poses no threat at all of being leaked automatically unless of course, the chat is shared or leaked deliberately by the user. This feature allows the users to text and share content without any problem or any stress or tension of getting sensitive and confidential information in the hands of someone who should not be having the information at all.